Care Provider Spotlight: Nicole, RN

It’s been nearly two years since travel nurse Nicole Estep sold her house, loaded up her dogs and took off in her RV. She hasn’t looked back.

 “My experience so far has been amazing,” she said. Before joining Amare, Nicole was a registered nurse for the Ohio prison system. After nearly 14 years, she wanted a change.

 “Other agencies don’t understand what prison nursing is. Amare was the only agency that was willing to look at my background differently,” she said. “We had our own infirmary where people could be admitted for a variety of reasons. We also had a doctor’s clinic and an emergency room.”

 With the help of her recruiter, Nicole was able to seamlessly transition into travel nursing. She has worked in Ohio and plans to travel south later this year.

 “You can travel the U.S. and basically get paid to do it. Travel nursing allows you the flexibility to live your life how you want to,” she said. And while she loves the idea of seeing new places, the best part of being a traveler for Nicole is taking care of the patients.

 “I provide my patients smile-worthy care by being able to focus just on why I became a nurse in the first place,” she said. “The thing that most fuels my passion as an RN is just taking care of my patients. Everything I do goes back to that. Making them feel better physically and emotionally.”

Being a travel nurse gives Nicole the freedom to focus on the needs of her patients while staff nurses are worried about the needs of their employers.

 “I had a patient who had lung cancer,” she said. “That touches me because I lost my father to lung cancer. I took extra time with her that some nurses weren’t willing to do. Her family thanked me for the way I took that time with her.”

Nicole has also formed a friendship with her recruiter, Mariah.

“My recruiter was the only one who told me about herself personally and wanted to know about me as a person. She cared about what I liked to do outside of nursing,” she said. “We still talk frequently and it’s not just about travel nursing. I recommend Amare to everyone.”

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