Amare Medical Network Sponsors The Roundtable 2022

Recently, Amare Medical Network sponsored and attended The Roundtable 2022 hosted by Qualivis, a national provider of accountable workforce solutions delivered in partnership with state hospital and healthcare associations.

The Roundtable is an annual conference that brings together leaders, healthcare facilities and agency partners to build a more responsive, adaptive workforce.

Representing Amare Medical Network at the conference included, Art Hoopes, CEO & President, Scott Shelander, COO, Jackie Neilly, Director of Clinical Services and Mariah Charlesworth, Senior Account Manager, Acute.

“Our attendance at this conference was important so that we could put some names to faces. We are committed to our relationship with Qualivis and Aya, and what we took from the conference was a stronger relationship. We were able to connect with contacts and grow our business,” said Mariah Charlesworth.

“We're looking forward to taking what we learned from this conference and the relationships we made to continue to grow and deliver care worthy of a million smiles.”

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